Regional Laboratory for Analysis and Research of TANGIER (LRARB)

Laboratory activities by section :

  1. Animal Health Section :

The Animal Health Section conducts analyses as part of the epidemic surveillance of contagious animal diseases (Serology, Diagnosis of confirmation of suspicions of household, control of live animals on import or subject of transaction in the framework of state market), as well as laboratory diagnosis of animal infectious diseases of economic importance (Bacteria, parasitic) or health (Rabies).

Serology tests :

  • Complement fixation (FC) for the detection of Chlamydiosis antibodies.
  • Complement fixation (FC) for brucellosis antibody testing.
  • Testing for anti-brucella antibodies using the buffered antigen (EAT) test.
  • Immunodiffusion on agar (IDG) for the research of antibodies of encephalitis arthritis caprine (CAEV).
  • Immunodiffusion on agar (IDG) for the research of antibodies of bovine leucosis (BLV).
  • Research of anti-virus antibodies of Blue tongue (BTV), Bovine Infectious Rhinotracheite (IBR), Mucosal Disease (BVD) and Para tuberculosis by ELISA methods.
  • Diagnosis of rabies by immunofluorescence and mouse inoculation.

Molecular biology analyses :

  • Real-time PCR avian influenza virus search:
    – Test based on the detection of nucleic acid common to group A viruses (matrix “M”).
    – Test based on the detection of nucleic acid specific to H5 haemagglutinin viruses.
  • Real-time PCR search for Blue Tongue virus (BTV):

Bacteriological analyses :

  • Bacteriological research of salmonella in imported breeding chicks.
  • Autopsy, bacteriological diagnosis and antibiograms performed on samples submitted by veterinary services and veterinary practitioners, in case of suspicion of bacterial infection: Salmonellosis, Colibacillosis, Anthrax bacteridian, Enterotoxemia, Mastitis, Bee Clutches…

Parasitology tests :

  • Search for blood protozoa in ruminants.
  • Search for parasite larvae and eggs by Coproscopy.
  • Research of the Nosemose and the Acarioses of bees (Varoase).
  1. Food Microbiology Section:

The Food Microbiology Section shall carry out its analyses within the framework of the health certification of foodstuffs of animal origin at the request of the veterinary services of the laboratory’s action zone, and also responds to the demands of food industry professionals for self-monitoring of their production. In addition, it responds to requests for various analyses in terms of checking the conformity of these commodities (Fraud prevention, Municipal Hygiene Offices, etc.). Microbiological analyses carried out include:

  • Total Aerobic Mesophilic Flora (FMAT) count.
  • Total Coliform Counts
  • Fecal Coliform Counts
  • Enumeration of Escherichia coli
  • Enterobacteriaceae counts
  • Enumeration of Anaerobic Sulfitoreductors
  • Enumeration of suspected pathogenic Staphylococci
  • Salmonella research
  • Vibrio search
  • Yeast and Mould Counts
  • Study of the biological stability of cans
  • Study of sterility of cans
  • Research of antibiotic residues (antimicrobial inhibitors) in dairy products.
  1. Food Chemistry/Toxicology Section:

The chemistry section also carries out its analyses as part of the health certification at the request of the veterinary services, and likewise responds to the requests of professionals of the food industry in terms of self-monitoring of their production. It also responds to requests for analyses as part of the various surveillance plans deployed at national level. Among the analyses carried out :

  • Analyses of feed composition.
  • Analysis of dairy products.
  • Analyses of fishery products.
  • Determination of Histamine in fresh, frozen, canned and semi-preserved fish.
  • Determination of ABVT in fresh fish.
  • Determination of sulphur dioxide in crustaceans.
  • Determination of heavy metals.
  • Research and measurement of marine biotoxins (DSP, PSP) in bivalve mollusc tissues.
  • Tox screen came back.
  • Research for pesticide residues.
  • Search for Aflatoxins in feed and Mycotoxins M 1 in dairy products.