BERKANE Regional Laboratory for Analysis and Research (LRARB)

Laboratory activities by section :

  1. Animal Health Section :

The activity of this section concerns the carrying out of epidemiological investigations and the diagnosis of animal diseases and the control of the importation of animals, namely:

  • -Serological diagnosis of animal diseases (Foot-and-mouth disease, Bovine infectious rhinotracheitis (IBR/IPV), Mucous membrane disease (BVD), Enzootic bovine leucosis, BlueTongue, Equine viral arteritis, West Nile, Rift Valley fever, Visna-Maedi and CAEV, Brucelloses, chlamydiosis and Q fever);
  • -Rabies diagnosis by IFD;
  • -Diagnosis of internal and external parasitoses by coprology and microscopic examination;
  • -Diagnosis of bacterial diseases (isolation, identification and susceptibility)

Serological surveys are part of national or regional programmes.

  1. Food Hygiene Section :

The purpose of this section is to carry out microbiological, chemical and toxicological analyses as part of food safety control and product certification. The laboratory also receives samples from industrial units as part of their self-control system.

The different product lines analysed are: Fishery products, milk and dairy products, meat and meat products, animal feed, preserves, etc.