Any substance including additives, artificially or entirely processed or unprocessed and intended for oral consumption animals
All stages of production, handling, processing, packaging, transport, storage, distribution, exposure to the sale or export of food products from the production of primary products to their sale or delivery to the final con
sumer. it also includes the import of said primary or food products
The last consumer of a primary product or food product that does not use it as part of a productive operation undre the activities of an establishment or company in the food sector
any biological, chemical or physical agent present in a primary product, food or animal feed, or a praticular condition of the primary product, food or animal feed, such as oxidation putrefaction, contamination or any other similar condition that may have a harmful effect on health
Any primary product or food product the has immediate or probable short, medium or long-term toxic effects on the health of an individual or on his or her offspring, or resulting in increased health sensitivity or any other from of identifiable sensitivity of an individuals for which the primary product or food product concerned is intended
Any public, semi-public or private institution that provides, for profit or non-profit purposes, activities related to or related to the food chain
Any public, semi-public or private establishment that carries out, for profit or non-profit purposes, activities related to animal feed
Any unit for the production, treatment, processing, packaging, distribution, storage or preservation of food products, including slaughterhouses and their annexes, meat cutting, packaging and packing plants, fish markets, fishing vessels and floating barges, communal catering facilities and animal by-product processing and feed manufacturing units
The natural or legal person or persons required to comply with the provisions of this Law and the texts adopted for its application, in the establishment or undertaking of the food or animal feed sector
The holding of primary products and/or food and/or feed for sale, distribution or disposal free or in return for payment
Any agricultural product intended for human consumption, cultivated, picked or harvested, as well as any product derived from animals such as milk or honey or eggs and products of hunting, fishing or gathering wild species and placed on the market, in the present state, without the use of special preparation systems for their preservation other than refrigeration;
Any vegetable or animal product, raw or fully or partially processed, intended for human consumption, including beverages, gum and all products used in the production and preparation or processing of food. This term does not cover pre-harvest plants and live animals, except those prepared for human consumption, as such, such as shellfish, nor does it cover medicines, cosmetics and tobacco
Any primary product, food or feed that does not pose a risk to human or animal health
Any primary product or food product which, without being corrupted or toxic, does not possess all the guarantees required from a hygienic point of view, taking into account certain undesirable elements it contains, either by contamination, by degradation of its microbiological and/or chemical quality
A set of prudential measures designed to avoid risks that may arise from the consumption of a primary product, food product or feed, in the absence of absolute scientific certainty to ensure an acceptable level of safety of the product or food
The ability to trace through the food chain the path of a primary product, a food product, an animal feed, an animal producing primary products or food products, or that of a substance intended to be incorporated or likely to be incorporated into a primary product, food product or feed
Handling, processing and storage of primary products, food products and animal feed at points of sale or delivery to the final consumer, including distribution terminals, supermarkets, caterers, restaurants as a whole, shops, wholesalers and distribution points
Veterinarians who are not under the responsibility of the Department of Agriculture to which the competent authorities have entrusted missions in the field of animal health, veterinary pharmacy and health control of animal foodstuffs of animal origin and feed