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The health and conformity control of plant and plant origin products and food additives carried out by the plant and plant origin control services of the National Food Safety Office aims to:

– ensure the health safety and conformity of plant and vegetable products, food additives and food supplements at national level, for import and export with a view to protecting the health of consumers;

– To ensure compliance of food establishments and undertakings for plant and plant products with the legislative and regulatory requirements for health safety and conformity of plant and plant products;

– To improve the quality of products with a view to making domestic products more competitive on the local and international market.

This control consists of:

– Verification of the health safety and compliance of Plant Products and Products of Plant Origin with the regulations in force;

– verification of labelling, hygiene conditions at the level of food establishments;

– Control of food additives, materials in contact with food, chemical, microbiological and biological contaminants (Mycotoxins, pesticide residues, heavy metals, etc.).

This control is based on:

– Planned control within the framework of official control plans for plant and vegetable products and food additives;

– Enhanced monitoring during certain periods (the summer season, the month of Ramadan, Eid al-Adha, etc.), as well as for any complaint concerning a product unfit for consumption;

– Targeted monitoring and surveillance plans.

Thus, in order to achieve the intended objectives, the inspectors under this Office carry out the control in question at the level of:

– Food establishments authorised/approved by ONSSA, in the context of regular health inspections carried out by ONSSA inspectors or unannounced inspection visits. In the event of a finding of non-conformity, inspectors may suspend and, if necessary, withdraw the approval according to the extent of the non-conformity in accordance with the legislation and regulations in force;

– Farms and wholesale markets: control of pesticide residues in fruit, vegetables and flavourings;

The control at the point of sale and the collective catering is done within the framework of mixed prefectorial commissions composed of several departments with the participation of ONSSA.