Control procedure


The importation of Plant Products and Products of Plant Origin is subject to the laws and regulations in force in particular:

  • Law 25-08 establishing the national food safety office;
  • Law 28-07 on food safety;
  • Order of the Minister of Agriculture, Maritime Fisheries, Rural Development and Waters and Forests No. 141-18 of 22 Rabii II 1439 (10 January 2018) laying down the methods and techniques for checking the conformity of primary
  • products, food and feed on importation;
    Regulations specific to Plant Products and Plant Origin.

I – Filing of the application for examination: the Documents due are:

  • Copy of the ESP or OD;
  • Copy of the commercial invoice;
  • Copy of packing list;
  • Copy of the transport document (bill of lading, air waybill, RMC, etc.);
  • Health certificates or other equivalent documents issued by the competent authority of the country of export certifying that the products or foods concerned comply with the legislation in force and are safe for human or animal life or health;
  • Documents enabling the identification of the approved or authorised sanitary place in which the products or food will be stored before they are placed on the market;
  • Any other document specific to the product or food concerned required by the regulations in force including: 

– The import authorisation required by the specific regulations (e.g. acetic acid, alcohols, etc.);

– the registration certificate issued by the Ministry of Health for products intended for a particular food;

– Authorization/approval of wine and alcoholic beverages;

– The certificate of age or origin required by the regulations on alcoholic products; 

– Documents justifying the mode of production and/or the specificities of the imported products or foods, in particular the organic mode of production, geographical indication and designation of origin;

– Halal slaughter certificate for products likely to contain gelatin, collagen, animal fat or meat extracts; 

– Halal certificate for products labelled with Halal;

– The non-GMO certificate for products bearing the words “NON-GMO”;

– Any other document specific to the product or food concerned required by the regulations in force.

II – Document control: This is a systematic step in verifying the content and form of import records or accompanying documents for goods.

III – Identity and physical checks: This is a systematic check to ensure that the imported goods comply with the data on the certificates or accompanying documents, imported products meet the requirements of the regulations and conform to the intended use of the documents.

VI – Analytical control: Representative samples of the primary products and the foodstuffs concerned are taken for analysis at laboratoire.