Importation of acetic acid

In accordance with the provisions of the Vizial Decree of 17 Safar 1370 (28 November 1950) on the import and trade of acetic acid, as supplemented by Decree No. 2-57-1828 of 17 Rebia II 1377 (11 November 1957), any importation of acetic acid is subject to authorization by the National Office of Food Safety.

In order to have this authorization, which is issued by arrival and not permanently, the person concerned must submit to the Regional Directorate of the ONSSA concerned, a complete file including the following documents:

  • An import application indicating the exact quantity of alcohol that would be imported, its origin and destination, and the place of customs clearance (port, airport, etc.).
  • A proforma invoice duly signed and stamped by the supplier of the goods indicating the exact quantity of the product that would be imported and its origin;
  • An import commitment approved by the home bank concerned;
  • The proof concerning the last arrival (DUM, notification of removal).

The applicant shall be required to ensure that the relevant ONSSA and Customs and Indirect Taxes departments are kept to account for the entry and exit of imported spirits and their uses.

Procedure Code CP04-DCPA-21-A includes all information on the authorization to import acetic acid.