Importation of alcohol

Importation of industrial spirit drinks.

 Imports of Ethylic (Ethanol), Methyl (Methanol) Propyl (Propanol), Isopropyl (Isopropanol) and Anethol spirits are subject to authorisation by ONSSA.

To clarify that for the Anethol, its import is only subject to the authorization of the ONSSA if the said product is intended for biscuit makers, pastry makers, confectioners and glaciers and other persons who would justify the need.

  • Viziriel decree of 16 July 1938 (18 joumada I 1357) aimed at facilitating the absorption of wine surpluses (B.O 18 July 1938).
  • Order of the Minister of Agriculture no. 242-62 of 19 April 1962 making certain imports of spirits subject to authorization (B.O no. 2584 of 4 May 1962).
  • Viziriel Decree of 28 August 1923 (15 moharrem 1342) on the manufacture and import of anisettes as amended” and supplemented by Decree no. 2.75.236 of 10.08.1957 (B.O no. 568 of 11 September 1923).

Procedure Code [ongoing]

Information To Be Provided By Applicant:

In order to have this authorization, which is issued by consignment, the person concerned must present:

  • a reasoned request to the ONSSA indicating the exact quantity of alcohol that would be imported, its origin and destination and the place of customs clearance (port, airport, etc.).
  • a proforma invoice duly signed and stamped by the supplier of the goods;
  • an import commitment approved by the home bank concerned;
  • the supporting documents concerning the last arrival subject to the previous authorization.

The applicant is required to ensure that the SCPVOV and Customs and Indirect Taxes agents are able to keep track of the entry and exit of imported spirits and their uses.