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Plant health activities are based on the monitoring and evaluation of the phytosanitary situation of crops through regular surveys carried out by specialists responsible for the protection of plant heritage. By examining the data collected in the field and analysing them at the laboratories, the agricultural warning bulletins are being developed, providing farmers with the technical information they need to better manage crop protection and to be able to intervene in the opportune time.
The Office National de Sécurité Sanitaire des Produits Alimentaires also provides a role of technical support and expertise in the implementation of new approaches to pest control, namely integrated protection, biological control and good phytosanitary practices. In addition, pest control demonstration trials are conducted annually and awareness days are organized for farmers to help them better reason their interventions to control pests in their plots.

In addition to the establishment of the pest control card for parasitism, the examination and processing of data collected in the field allows the plant protection services:

  • To develop and disseminate treatment advice and propose improvements to phytosanitary treatments for farmers;
  • To require, by regulation, the persons concerned to take control measures to limit or combat a specific harmful organism;
  • Develop a national program of pest control research and testing;
  • Develop a national extension programme for plant protection;
  • Develop a national program for agricultural warnings.