importation of live animals

Importation of live animals and animal propagation products (seeds, eggs, embryos, etc.) It is not without health risk for the national herd in so far as pathogenic germs may be introduced into the national territory during import operations and their socio-economic consequences may be significant.

The objective of the health control introduced by Law 24-89 at border inspection posts (PIF), open to the import of animals and their products, is to ensure that they comply with the required health requirements. In Morocco 16 PIF are opened by regulation to the import/export of animals and the sanitary control is carried out by veterinarians of the National Office of Health Safety of Food Products (ONSSA). After a documentary, identity and physical check, only animals which are sanitary compliant are allowed to be admitted into the national territory. However, those who do not meet the required health requirements are either rejected or destroyed. For certain animal species (cattle, sheep and goats) a quarantine is required in Morocco to carry out additional health investigations that are likely to reveal their state of health and to ensure that they are not carriers of pathogenic germs. This quarantine takes place either in the harbour lazarets or in the lazarets stables previously approved for this purpose by the veterinary services of the ONSSA.

Models of Validated Certificates

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