ONSSA participates in the 5th edition of Halieutis

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The National Office for Health Safety of Products (ONSSA) took part in the 5th edition of the Halieutis exhibition under the theme of “new technologies in fishing: for a better fishing contribution to the blue economy”. This edition was inaugurated by the Minister of Agriculture and Maritime Fisheries, Rural Development and Waters and Forests.

ONSSA took part in this event through its presence at the level of 3 poles of the institutional pavilion set up by the Department of Maritime Fisheries; namely the “COMPETITIVITY Pole”, the “PERFORMANCE Pole” and the “SUSTAINABILITY Pole”.

Present since the first edition of the show in January 2011, this event represents for ONSSA an opportunity for exchanges with both professionals and consumers by presenting the different phases of control of fishery products from upstream to final. downstream.

In addition, several meetings and activities were organized by ONSSA at the level of the institutional pavilion, allowing the strengthening of the Office’s cooperation with its national and international partners.