The CEO of ONSSA talks with his Japanese counterpart

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Mr. Ahmed Bentouhami, Director General of the National Office for Sanitary Safety of Food Products (ONSSA) met, on Tuesday, September 23 in Tokyo, with Mr. Satoru Miyake, Mr. Tetsuya OTomo and Mr. Mitsuaki kinoshita, respectively, Director General of the Department of Food Safety at the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, Director of Plant Protection, Deputy Animal Health and Director of International Trade at the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and peaches.

Discussions with Japanese officials focused on strengthening relations between the services responsible for health security in the two countries to facilitate trade for operators.

Mr. Bentouhami recalled, during this meeting, the importance given by the Kingdom to the issues of health safety and quality of agricultural and fishing products which has experienced a significant improvement since the launch of the two Halieutis sectoral strategies. and the Green Morocco Plan and their ability to meet the health safety requirements in force on the Japanese market in the same way as in other markets known for the rigor of quality standards such as the American, Canadian and European markets.

The Director General of ONSSA also expressed the desire of the Moroccan party to conclude a health agreement with Japan which will allow access for several Moroccan products to the Japanese market. He was thus informed of the Japanese health requirements for the export of a certain number of products and the procedure to be followed to meet them, particularly with regard to citrus fruits.

The meeting was an opportunity to create direct links with Japanese officials, which will certainly speed up the procedures for approving the sanitary and phytosanitary certificates necessary to export to this country.