Identification of camels in the Southern Provinces: consultation meetings

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The ONSSA Regional Directorate of Laayoune-Boujdour-Sakia El Hamra, Guelmim-Es Smara and Oued Ed Dahab-Lagouira, in close collaboration with the Regional Directors of Agriculture of the three southern regions, held three awareness meetings and information, with the Chambers of Agriculture, Local Authorities, elected officials and representatives of Associations of camel breeders, on the launch of the camel identification program in the Southern Provinces.
During these meetings held on March 31 in Dakhla, April 2 in Laayoune and April 3, 2014 in Guelmim, ONSSA presented the terms of implementation of the camel identification operation (acquisition of equipment, supplies of identification and the IT solution, outsourcing of the provision of logistics and support services relating in particular to the rental of vehicles, labor for the restraint of camels, catering and accommodation, provisional planning of the operation) .
In addition, explanations were given to the points raised by professionals concerning the color of tags, the replacement of tags and lost cards, the management of deeds of transfer of ownership (sale and purchase of animals), the usefulness of the electronic tag and the reader, the cost of the operation for the breeder, the compulsory or voluntary nature of the operation, the content of the camels’ identification card, the coverage of the insurance of injured camels during restraint, identification of births, etc.