Procedure for issuing technical certificates (atp) for perishable goods transport vehicles

The Office National de Sécurité Sanitaire des Produits Alimentaires (ONSSA) provides the secretariat of the interdepartmental commission for issuing certificates of conformity to the ATP (Agreement on the International Transport of Perishable Goods and on Special Machinery for Such Transport) for International Machinery for the Transport of Perishable Goods.

Compliance with the standards is checked:

a) Before the vehicle is put into service;
b) Periodically every three years for the control of sanitary characteristics and at least every six years for the control of qualification (isotherm, refrigerant, refrigeration); 
c) Whenever required by the administration.

The application for approval certificates must be submitted to the local veterinary service and must be accompanied by the following documents:

        2-1-For new vehicles:

  • The test report of the crate and the group (for machines equipped with thermal devices), issued by experimental stations approved in Morocco or abroad or the test reportVerbal of the reference vehicle in case the vehicle is manufactured in series according to a prototype;
  • Copy of registration certificate (registration card);
  • Characteristic Cash Register Information Sheet duly completed and signed by the owner see template;
  • Installation certificate provided by the installer of the thermal device for refrigerating or refrigerating equipment.

       2-2-For vehicles in circulation:

  • Copy of the old or old ATP certificates or a valid certificate, or if applicable the test report issued by an approved experimental station;
  • Copy of registration certificate (registration card);
  • Information sheet duly prepared by the owner;
  • Installation certificate provided by the installer of the thermal device for refrigerated or refrigerated equipment;
  • Invoices for maintenance, repair and overhaul of the group and the cash register for machines over 6 years of age.