Animal products

The export of animal and animal products and feed shall be subject to the laws and regulations required by the receiving countries of the products.

Export health control is provided by the veterinary services. At the level of Casablanca, Tangier and Agadir, these structures are erected in «Direction of Control and Quality at border posts» (DCQ) Reporting to the Regional Directorates of the National Office for Food Safety and acting as a single window. In the other provinces, export controls are carried out by the veterinary services of the said Regional Directorates.

In order to facilitate the control and transit of goods, operators or their representatives are required to inform or communicate information to the veterinary services concerned in advance, by providing a detailed description in writing or in computer support of the products to be exported in order to ensure that Morocco is first authorized to export this type of product to the countries of destination and that the product in question meets the Health requirements of the receiving country.

Prior to the inspection, the exporter or his representative must prepare a file which will be submitted to the veterinary service. This file consists of:

  • An application for export certification (according to a predetermined model);
  • Health certificate of origin * ;
  • From a packing list;
  • Analysis bulletins (possibly);
  • Any other document required by the veterinary service in accordance with current regulations.

Applications for inspection of goods must be submitted during the administrative hours of the veterinary services.

The veterinary export inspection consists of three successive stages: documentary, identity and physical inspection. The supervising veterinarian must take into account the health requirements laid down in the current health regulations of the countries receiving the exported products.

3- 1 Document Control:

This is a systematic step in verifying the form and content of health documents. Each exported product must undergo a documentary check to ensure that:

  • Morocco is authorised to export the product in question to the country of destination;
  • The establishment of origin shall be approved by the national competent authorities;
  • The health certificate of origin corresponds to the consignments to be exported;
  • The products to be exported meet the health requirements of the countries of destination specified in the export certificate.

3- 2 Identity and physical checks:

This is a systematic check to ensure that the exported goods comply with the provisions of the export health certificates and that the products comply with the intended use of the accompanying health documents. It concerns nature, packaging, weight, origin, labelling, etc.

3- 4 Verification of the analysis results:

This control consists in verifying the conformity of the batch analysis results of the products to be exported with the regulatory requirements of the countries of destination.

After the goods have complied with the required controls (all controls are in conformity), the veterinary service shall issue an export health certificate for the consignments checked in accordance with the model required by the country of destination.

(*): Concerning the health certificate of origin, it is required only for products coming from an establishment located outside the area of action of the veterinary service, which will proceed to the certification of the export of the said products, They will be stored for commercial reasons in an establishment approved by the competent health authorities until the export health certificate is issued.