Cooperation Morocco – Paraguay: Meeting ONSSA/SENACSA/SENAVE/INAN

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As part of the Maroco-Paraguayan cooperation, ONSSA and the organizations in charge of food safety in Paraguay ( National Service of Animal Quality and Health (SENACSA), National Service of Quality and Plant and Seed Health (SENAVE), Institut National de l’alimentation et de la nutrition (INAN)) organized a videoconference meeting on 16 November 2021, attended by the Director General of ONSSA and the Directors of the three organizations, and several officials and executives from both sides.

This meeting was an opportunity for these different authorities to present the health security system of their respective countries, their different missions and jointly define future areas of cooperation.  Officials from both sides also discussed sanitary and phytosanitary issues related to trade between the two countries and expressed their willingness to further strengthen their cooperation.