1. General Direction

    1. Management Control, Audit, and Quality Assurance Division

      1. Internal Audit Service

      2. Quality Assurance Service

      3. Management Control Service

    2. Animal and Plant Protection Direction

      1. Animal Health Division

        1. Service of prophylactic actions

        2. Service of Epidemiology and Health Surveillance

        3. Sanitary Certification and Animal Identification Service

        4. Poultry Sanitary Supervision Service

      2. Plant Protection Division

        1. Plant Heritage Protection Service

        2. Major Struggles Service

        3. Plant Quarantine Service

      3. Seed and Plant Control Division

        1. Seed Control Service

        2. Plant Control Service

        3. Variety Release Service

    3. Food and Feed Control Direction

      1. Health Safety of Animal Products and By-Products and Animal Feed Division

        1. Oversight service for slaughter, processing and distribution establishments

        2. Service for the control of animal products and by-products and animal feed

      2. Fish and Aquaculture Products Division

        1. Fishery products Service

        2. Aquaculture Service

      3. Plant Products and Products of Plant Origin Control Division

        1. Service for the Control of Plant Products and of Plant Origin

        2. Establishments Surveillance service

        3. Wine and alcoholic beverage control service

    4. Inputs and Laboratories Direction

      1. Pharmacy and Veterinary Inputs Division

        1. Registration and Inspections Service

        2. Control and Expertise Service

      2. Chemical Inputs Division

        1. Chemical Inputs Approval Service

        2. Service for the monitoring and control of chemical inputs

      3. Laboratories Division

        1. Equipment coordination and management service

        2. Supervision and laboratory follow-up service

    5. Administratif and Financial Affairs Direction

      1. Human Resources and Support Division

        1. Human Resources Management Service

        2. Market service

        3. Heritage and General Resources Service

      2. Financial Division

        1. Budget Service

        2. Scheduling and receipts Service

        3. General accounting Service

      3. Information Systems Division

        1. Development, deployment and operation of information systems Service

        2. IT Infrastructure, Maintenance and Security Service

        3. SNIT IT Management Service

    6. Risk Assessement And Legal Affairs Direction

      1. Regulatory Division

        1. Animal and Plant Health Regulatory Service

        2. Food and Inputs Regulatory Service

      2. Sanitary and Phytosanitary Risk Assessment Division

        1. Risk Assessment Service

        2. Risk monitoring service

      3. Standardization and SPS Questions Division

        1. Standardization and Codex Alimentarius Service

        2. SPS monitoring and access to markets service

    7. Cooperation and Communication Division

      1. Cooperation Service

      2. Communication Service