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Bilateral cooperation:

With more than twenty bilateral agreements signed since its creation in 2010, ONSSA is engaged in close technical cooperation with its foreign counterparts in charge of food safety: AFSCA (Belgium), DGAL (France), BVL, BFR (Germany), NVWA (Netherlands), etc. Within the framework of technical agreements, the Office benefits from support missions and the transfer of expertise as well as an exchange of information, enabling the continuous improvement of the skills of its human resources.

In addition, the ONSSA negotiates and implements every year several sanitary and phytosanitary agreements (Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, etc.) governing trade between Morocco and the rest of the world. The Office also actively participates in the negotiations of free trade agreements (USA, etc.).

ONSSA also shares its expertise with the Countries of the South in line with the Kingdom’s strategic orientations. Thus, the Office welcomes officials and executives from several African countries, in the context of various events (workshops, seminars, study trips, etc.)

Multilateral Cooperation:

ONSSA participates in cooperation projects and programmes led by its multilateral partners (World Bank, FAO, UNIDO, IAEA, European Union, etc.);

Activities under these projects and programs are very diverse, including:

 Continuous exchange of information and know-how;
Support missions and foreign expertise at ONSSA;
 Upgrading skills through training abroad;
 Participation in international events;
Organization of various events in Morocco (workshops, seminars, etc.)

In addition, ONSSA is the national focal point of the Codex Alimentarius; the WTO SPS Committee; the IPPC (International Plant Protection Convention), the OIE (World Organisation for Animal Health), the OIV (International Vine and Wine Organization)