Health and quality control of meat and meat products and the monitoring of hygienic conditions for the preparation, processing and storage of these products shall be carried out in:
  • All slaughterhouses and red meat slaughter units;
  • Industrial poultry slaughterhouses and farmed game slaughter units (ostriches, quail, etc.);
  • Units for slaughtering rabbits;
  • Processing units for meat products (deli meats, Khlia..);
  • Casings approved for export; The places of collective catering (school canteens, university restaurants, hospitals, benevolent houses…) and the points of sale of animal and animal products (butchers, fishmongers, places of collective commercial catering…) where the inspection is carried out by sampling.
To be approved or authorized in terms of health, these establishments must meet the requirements of general legislation and regulations including Law 28-07 on the health safety of foodstuffs and the texts adopted for its application and the specific texts in force. Each unit approved by the Office National de Sécurité Sanitaire des Produits Alimentaires (ONSSA) must have a system of self-checking and traceability in accordance with the standards in force. Actions carried out by veterinary services: The veterinary services (SV) of the National Food Safety Office ensure :
  • Veterinary health inspection of meat at slaughterhouse level.
  • Control of meat and meat products at the level of production units and points of sale.
  • The examination of dossiers and the health evaluation of establishments for meat and meat products and the granting of health authorisations and authorisations.
  • Health monitoring of units according to a pre-established programme.
  • Coaching for unit upgrades.
  • The evaluation of the self-checking system and the verification of its implementation at the unit level (for units subject to approval).
  • Taking samples of products for analysis to ensure their safety. For this, the SV are supported in their tasks by the 7 Regional Laboratories of Analysis and Research and the Service of Control and expertise.
  • Control of the conditions under which the products are transported. Implementation of surveillance and control plans for meat and meat products.

The SPC laying down the sanitary, hygienic and equipment conditions to be met by slaughterhouses for slaughter animals
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