National Codex Committee

Presentation of the National Codex Committee (CNC)

The National Committee of the Codex Alimentarius (CNC), an interdepartmental entity coordinating the work of the Codex Alimentarius established by decree no. 2-03-140 of 6 hija 1425 (17 January 2005), has as its fundamental mission to advise the government on the implications of the various problems of standardization and food safety that arise in the general context of the work carried out by the Codex Alimentarius Commission and its various bodies subsidiary.
As such, it is responsible for following very closely the various stages of defining Codex standards so that Morocco’s legitimate interests are defended and taken into account in the process of setting certain global or regional standards.

Indeed, the work of this committee constitutes for Morocco and especially for the administrations responsible for drawing up and applying the regulations on food control an essential source of technical standards which can be used both as Scientific basis for the preparation of national standards and as a reference for Morocco’s trade with third countries.

 This latter vocation of Codex has been confirmed even more with the opening of markets under the World Trade Organization agreements. Indeed, Codex standards are considered as a reference base to facilitate international trade and to settle any dispute or trade dispute between the member countries of this organization.

In order to enable the CNC to carry out the task entrusted to it in the best possible conditions, the CNC’s procedural manual describes the legal status of this committee as defined by Decree No. 2-03-140 of 17 January 2005, the rules of procedure of the TNC and its subsidiary bodies established to date and the procedures for the functioning of the committee.
There are also guidelines for the designation of national delegations to the work of Codex Alimentarius as well as steps for preparing a national position..

  • National Codex Committee
  • Technical Sub-Committee on Horizontal Issues
  • Technical Subcommittee on Food Hygiene and Certification
  • Technical Subcommittee on Products of Plant Origin
  • Technical Subcommittee on Products of Animal Origin
  • Technical Subcommittee on Fishery Products

For more information on the work of the Codex Alimentarius, please contact the Codex National Contact Point at:

Codex Contact Point/TNC Secretariat
National Food Safety Board
Hadj Ahmed Cherkaoui Avenue, Agdal- Rabat

Tel. : + 212 537 676 513/ 676 511 /676 590
Fax : + 212 537 682 049
E-mail: cnc_ma@onssa.gov.ma